Reasons I Live With Roommate

I have this thing with names.

And also faces.

Pretty much, I am crap at remembering who actors are, what roles they’ve played, and what the names of characters are in any show I watch casually. Once I get crazy about a show, I end up memorizing every bit of trivia by accident due to ~*heightened attention*~, but generally, I am ass at remembering minor characters and things like that.

Roommate like… frigging knows how my mind works. I can’t explain it. She knows my memory is shit and she almost always manages to summarize a character/plot in a way that I immediately make the connection in my head.

For example:

Friend 1: Let’s talk about how January Jones is going to be Emma Frost.
Me: Who’s January Jones?
Friend 2: Betty on Mad Men.
Me: …..
Roommate: Okay, you know that part in Love Actually when that guy goes to America to pick up chicks?
Me: Yeah?
Roommate: She’s the second girl he meets at the bar.
Me: Oh yeah! With the jukebox! I know who you’re talking about!

THIS IS MY LIFE, GUYS. I make up names for all the characters in shows I only casually watch. In fact, with a few exceptions, even the shows I am hella into now started off with a cast full of monikers. I still don’t know the proper names of the characters on Heroes. Seriously, ask me about a show and I can tell you what I called all the characters before I learned their names. Sometimes it’s hilarious. Sometimes it’s obvious. But whatever my brain chooses, it’s easier for me to remember than their actual names. And whatever my brain chooses, Roommate can translate it perfectly each time.


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I read bad books so you don't have to.
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