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Why I need my cellphone surgically grafted to my hand

I am kind of a freak in that I like to be scared. Or, well, I’m actually kind of a freak for a lot of reasons. I am terrified of bugs, but don’t mind bees and only read kids’ books … Continue reading

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I'll never doubt you again, kids' lit

At the beginning of the year, when all of my friends were pledging to read fifty books by December 31st, I made myself a different promise. As you may have gathered from, you know, my outright stating of the fact, … Continue reading

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The perils of free food

There’s a reason my last post had the subject line it did. That reason is “I am a broke idiot.” At least, that feels like the reason. To get to the vomit bit, I need to start with the cheesecake. … Continue reading

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