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My computer is smarter than me.

Computers are smarter than us, internet. They’re smarter than us, they know how our minds work, and we need to prepare for the revolution. No, this isn’t a kneejerk reaction to the news that a robot taught itself to fire … Continue reading

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Reasons I Live With Roommate

I have this thing with names. And also faces. Pretty much, I am crap at remembering who actors are, what roles they’ve played, and what the names of characters are in any show I watch casually. Once I get crazy … Continue reading

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Why I need my cellphone surgically grafted to my hand

I am kind of a freak in that I like to be scared. Or, well, I’m actually kind of a freak for a lot of reasons. I am terrified of bugs, but don’t mind bees and only read kids’ books … Continue reading

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The perils of free food

There’s a reason my last post had the subject line it did. That reason is “I am a broke idiot.” At least, that feels like the reason. To get to the vomit bit, I need to start with the cheesecake. … Continue reading

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